Since 1978, HAZ Marble has been a leading natural stone design and installation contracting company, completing an impressive 6,000,000 square meters of installation work. Specializing in all aspects of natural stone works, HAZ Marble has accomplished over 800 projects across 45 countries.

    With a vast network of branches located in major developed and developing nations, HAZ Marble has the necessary resources to mobilize quickly and effectively execute stone works on significant projects. Applying globally recognized standards like DIN, BS, and ASTM in the design and installation of natural stone works, HAZ Marble stands out for their exceptional quality and reliability.

    HAZ Marble collaborates with prominent construction companies on prestigious projects, consistently delivering high standards of work. Their use of the latest technology in the field of natural stone further highlights their dedication to providing the best possible service to the industry. Overall, HAZ Marble is a reputable company with a successful track record of delivering complex projects while upholding industry standards.