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Haz Marble is one of the leading natural stone contractors in the industry. With the work experience of more than 6 million square metres since 1978, the company is unmatched with its technical know-how and vast capabilities in the field of natural stone installation works. The experience and the technical knowledge underlines the capability for the design, supply and installation of natural stone on any major project.

HAZ Marble has the resources to execute design for natural stone both by preparation of shop drawings and scheduling through its architectural departments located in Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt and United Kingdom.

The knowledge and experience in the field of natural stone enables HAZ Marble to provide the highest service for the design of natural stone facades, preparation of shop drawings and cutting lists. HAZ Marble embraces the experience and knowledge in the field to offer their expertise to the projects during the tender stage by proposing and offering the most suitable and economically viable methods for stone installation.